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Our Services


  • Worldwide purchasing of materials and products in different industrial fields.

  • High quality and reasonable prices along with expedited service.

  • High skill for material sourcing and procurement through world-rate trusted partners.


  • As for a wide range of business start-ups, acting as industry consultant for erecting the relevant plant or the set-up.

  • Case study for the improvement of the production unit’s efficiency and reliability.

  • Providing substitutions from the new generation of industry instead of the older technologies, while providing proper guarantees.

  • Efficient global transport management system

  • Fast and direct delivery to any destination

  • Complete documentation of banking and order management

  • On request freight management with nominated customer forwarder

  • Packing, marking and freight, exactly according to customer’s instruction


  • All the quality, quantity and the authenticity of the goods to be inspected by our staff, while third party inspection can be arranged upon request.

  • We only cooperate with the well-known and reputable manufacturers in the world.

  • Our staff are well trained and experienced for their respective business operations by the aid of state-of-the-art technology.

  • Quality control & assurance

  • Packing, commissioning & storage

  • Complete export documentation

  • Fully computerized quoting and order handling systems

  • Trusted global freight logistics

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